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Patty-Pan Squishes

July 31, 2010 1 comment

I went to the market last week. I had brought a list of what I was going to purchase. One item in particular was the Patty Pan Squashes, after reading about them on Angela’s blog Oh She Glows.  I have been making a conscience effort in trying new veggies. 

What is a Patty Pan you ask?


This is one of the delicious light flesh coloured squash’s.  Here is a LINK you can read more on the Squash.  I found that these were delightful.  I tried a slice raw so I was able to understand the flavour before it was cooked – It was similar to eating AMAZING.  I would have to say that it was light, buttery and had a nice texture.  These would be good raw in a salad or sliced thinly on a sandwich raw.  I did proceed to grill them on the George Forman Grill I own.  With a swish of Olive Oil and a sprinkle of pepper these little slices were again to die for.

I put the grilled Patty Pan slices in my salad.  I am not big on blogging my meals although I will so the ones that are food taste altering (in my opinion of course).


If you can I would recommend either going to the local markets and purchasing a couple or encourage your grocer to have some brought in!  I will be stuffing these delights this evening… It’s HUNNIES birthday tomorrow!!

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Is Raw Right??

July 30, 2010 1 comment

I brought up the question on Twitter the other day:  Do you need to be a vegetarian to lose weight or live a health life style.  Many stated no, and that it was personal preference.

This evening I watched Food Matters (2008) below is the Trailer:

I enjoyed the beginning of the documentary, there was a section on “Superfoods” and vitamins.  It mentioned that one should have more that 51% of their meal as Raw Food.  Apparently, the process in which cooking the foods basically bastardizes all the beneficial qualities out of it.  Resulting in your body being confused and thinking it is a foreign enemy.  Food Matters also argues that we should focus our energies on eat plant based protein, which are also known as “Superfoods”. Some examples are:

  • Spirulina
  • Kelp
  • Goji Berries
  • Wheatgrass
  • Acai

What is the Raw Food Diet:

The raw food diet is a diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, and seaweed.

Heating food above 116*F is believed to destroy enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Cooking is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and “life force” of food.

What are the Benefits of the Raw Food Diet?

Officials of the raw food diet believe it has numerous health benefits, including:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved skin appearance
  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced risk of heart disease

The raw food diet contains fewer trans fats and saturated fat than the typical Western diet.

Where do you stand on the raw food movement??

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You ARE what You EAT

July 30, 2010 2 comments

fresh produce

That is a bold statement. The above pictures is also a clear picture of what we SHOULD eat.  But what do most North Americans eat??

BigMac 003

By looking at both of the photos, I know what I want to eat.  I would like to eat the French Fries. Why? Because as children (most of us) went to McD’s for dinner with the family or whatever meal.  Growing up, my family ate at McD’s.  It was mainly with my father and before we went to Beavers, Cubs or Scouts.  When I was a child my schools did not teach us about nutrition or eating well. They never discussed receiving the correct nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

I do believe in the statement “You are what you eat” because for the most part I ate Crap.  Into my teens I ate pizza, burgers, fries, chips, and pop.  In a nut shell either fried, high fat, or high sugar.  All the crap I ate made me bloated and ultimately overweight.  Although when I had incorporated more vegetables and FRESH foods (even if it was a chicken breast which was baked in the oven) I felt better. I found I had (and have) more energy to be active.

I made a pledge at the beginning of the year to avoid deep fry fast food chains.  I failed at it.  Although I would like to put this out there I pledge not to eat fast “crap” food.  If I am in a place such as that, because friends or family are eating there, I will try to encourage that we either go somewhere with TRUELY healthy alternatives. Or I will ask to be dropped some where else.  I do not need that in my body anymore!

If you would like to pledge to make healthy choice when out and not eat CRAP.  Feel free to comment and link back.  I will write a post on September first outlining how I did.

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How reaching out can really help

July 29, 2010 1 comment

As some are aware I hurt my shoulder at work last week.  With the injury I have been off work this week.  I was having a “feel sorry for yourself day” early this week and I reached out to another blogger due to my lack of exercise.

After I had clicked send I felt very silly sending the email, although it was one of the best things I could have done.  The great blogger who is helping myself stay accountable is Rita at The Giggly Bits.  She has asked that I really hunker down and focus on my goals and what I want to accomplish as well as SCHEDULING my workouts.  I went out today and purchased a planner, and item that I have been lacking for a while and I have marked in some workouts. 


I will have to clear with the Doctors and Physiotherapist today if I can swim.  I have a Rec Pool about 5 minute walk from the house.  The swim schedule does fit in with my life schedules. 

I must say THANK YOU to Rita at The Giggly Bits!! I look forward to a further emails and feel free to Kick my butt if you notice I am slacking. 

Have you ever reached out to a stranger, did it help?  Do you schedule your workouts?? Do you find that it helps??

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Chia Pets = Super Seeds?

July 26, 2010 1 comment

Do you remember the chia pets… Well the seeds that were all over those pets are great for your health.

10364576-chia-seeds-mila Image Source

I have been reading the many bloggers eat Chia seeds in one way or another.  Most I have read in the Vegan Overnight Oats.  So I decieded I would give them a try.  I did it blindly.  I had no idea when I bought the little seeds about 1 month ago that they were so GOOD for the body!

I founds some sources that have some information on these seeds.  I found a report from McGill University which is a PDF.  I also found an article from CTV that commented on that report.  Here are some of the benefits from those articles:

The chia seed is either white or black-coloured. Both are considered highly nutritious. Vuksan decided to focus just on the variety that provides white seeds, which has been trademarked Salba. Vuksan’s team found that the seeds contain high levels of fibre, calcium, magnesium, more antioxidants than many berries, and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Dr. Jack Bukowski, a professor of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology at the Harvard School of Medicine is impressed with how nutritious this "super grain" appears to be.

"It has a remarkable nutrient profile. We haven’t seen anything like this before," he told CTV News.

Vuksan’s team calculates that 3.5 oz of Salba contain:

  • the same amount of omega-3’s as 28 ounces of salmon
  • as much calcium as 3 cups of milk
  • as much iron as five cups of raw spinach

I am going to look for some more great recipes that we can add these super seeds too…

Do you eat Chia Seeds?  What do you put them in?

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Oat-y Overnight Oats

July 26, 2010 2 comments

So I gave it yet again another shot… Although I think I did it right this time.  Yesterday we went to the Bulk Barn to get the items I need for my Vegan Chewy Crackers.  Which I will post on later. When I said hey why don’t I just get some oats. 

Last night I put in a white bowl (definitely going to use the black ones better pictures):

  • 1 C Oats
  • 1 T Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 C of 1% Milk
  • 3 Scoops of Plain Yoghurt

And STIR.  Covered and left in the fridge overnight and I found this in there this morning:


I did add some honey, homemade strawberry jam, glob of almond butter and a sprinkle of granola.   I must say this is a Check of Yummy approval.  I still need to get over the texture… it still seams a bit slimy and chewy but that’s life.

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How veggie are you?

I was reading an article somewhere in the land of the web that said one should watch what there healthy friends eat.  Well I have been observing what some of my friends having been ordering when we have been out. One of my good friends does not tolerate wheat well (we think she might be not able to tolerate gluten) and I have noticed she has been eating a lot of veggies.  She does make some vegetarian meals too. I have been wanting to try a veggie burger for a while and the Mr. wanted to go Harvey’s the other night.  So I said why not!  I ordered a veggie burger with a salad instead a bacon cheese burger with onion rings.  It was ok.  I think it need more taste… Salt, Garlic some seasoning… I would definitely try other ones to find the perfect burger. 

I am going to try eat some vegetarian meals more regularly. I have done some research about the pros of vegetarian.  I will give you some updates of my outcome of these benefits…

What are the Benefits of Being a Vegetarian?
  1.  More energy – Meals that consist of vegetables and fruits stabilize your blood sugar which will help you have more energy. The vegetables and fruits will give you a more consistent energy level, so you will not have that fatigue feeling that people normally get after meals.
  2. Weight loss – Quitting meat and dairy products will help you with weight loss. By simply becoming a vegetarian and changing nothing else you will lose a little weight and eventually get back to your natural weight.
  3. Save money – Vegetarians spend far less money on meals than non-vegetarians. Families that become vegetarians save upwards of $10-$15 per day.
  4. Helping the environment – If you are environmentally conscience than becoming a vegetarian is a good thing. One pig farm in Utah raises 2.5 million pigs each year, creating more waste than the entire city of Los Angeles. By cutting meat from your diet you can help cut down on pollution.
  5. Health – Vitamins are crucial for your health and adding more fruits and vegetables means more vitamins. Also, by removing meats you are adding less toxins and hormones to your body that are not wanted. Your immune system will also improve.
  6. Bone longevity – An average woman at the age of 65 suffers 35% bone loss. A vegetarian woman at 65 suffers only 18% bone loss. The reason for this is non-vegetarians get 150% more protein than needed each day.
  7. Avoid heart disease – Diets full of saturated fats and cholesterol from meats and dairy products have been connected to cardiovascular disease. The average meat-based diet has a 50% change of dying from heart disease. If that person cuts out meat the chance of dying from a heart disease decreases by 15%, and falls to 4% if they also cut out dairy products.

How veggie are you?? Full – Half – Quarter?? Any suggestions for a veggie newbie??

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