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How veggie are you?

I was reading an article somewhere in the land of the web that said one should watch what there healthy friends eat.  Well I have been observing what some of my friends having been ordering when we have been out. One of my good friends does not tolerate wheat well (we think she might be not able to tolerate gluten) and I have noticed she has been eating a lot of veggies.  She does make some vegetarian meals too. I have been wanting to try a veggie burger for a while and the Mr. wanted to go Harvey’s the other night.  So I said why not!  I ordered a veggie burger with a salad instead a bacon cheese burger with onion rings.  It was ok.  I think it need more taste… Salt, Garlic some seasoning… I would definitely try other ones to find the perfect burger. 

I am going to try eat some vegetarian meals more regularly. I have done some research about the pros of vegetarian.  I will give you some updates of my outcome of these benefits…

What are the Benefits of Being a Vegetarian?
  1.  More energy – Meals that consist of vegetables and fruits stabilize your blood sugar which will help you have more energy. The vegetables and fruits will give you a more consistent energy level, so you will not have that fatigue feeling that people normally get after meals.
  2. Weight loss – Quitting meat and dairy products will help you with weight loss. By simply becoming a vegetarian and changing nothing else you will lose a little weight and eventually get back to your natural weight.
  3. Save money – Vegetarians spend far less money on meals than non-vegetarians. Families that become vegetarians save upwards of $10-$15 per day.
  4. Helping the environment – If you are environmentally conscience than becoming a vegetarian is a good thing. One pig farm in Utah raises 2.5 million pigs each year, creating more waste than the entire city of Los Angeles. By cutting meat from your diet you can help cut down on pollution.
  5. Health – Vitamins are crucial for your health and adding more fruits and vegetables means more vitamins. Also, by removing meats you are adding less toxins and hormones to your body that are not wanted. Your immune system will also improve.
  6. Bone longevity – An average woman at the age of 65 suffers 35% bone loss. A vegetarian woman at 65 suffers only 18% bone loss. The reason for this is non-vegetarians get 150% more protein than needed each day.
  7. Avoid heart disease – Diets full of saturated fats and cholesterol from meats and dairy products have been connected to cardiovascular disease. The average meat-based diet has a 50% change of dying from heart disease. If that person cuts out meat the chance of dying from a heart disease decreases by 15%, and falls to 4% if they also cut out dairy products.

How veggie are you?? Full – Half – Quarter?? Any suggestions for a veggie newbie??

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