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How reaching out can really help

As some are aware I hurt my shoulder at work last week.  With the injury I have been off work this week.  I was having a “feel sorry for yourself day” early this week and I reached out to another blogger due to my lack of exercise.

After I had clicked send I felt very silly sending the email, although it was one of the best things I could have done.  The great blogger who is helping myself stay accountable is Rita at The Giggly Bits.  She has asked that I really hunker down and focus on my goals and what I want to accomplish as well as SCHEDULING my workouts.  I went out today and purchased a planner, and item that I have been lacking for a while and I have marked in some workouts. 


I will have to clear with the Doctors and Physiotherapist today if I can swim.  I have a Rec Pool about 5 minute walk from the house.  The swim schedule does fit in with my life schedules. 

I must say THANK YOU to Rita at The Giggly Bits!! I look forward to a further emails and feel free to Kick my butt if you notice I am slacking. 

Have you ever reached out to a stranger, did it help?  Do you schedule your workouts?? Do you find that it helps??

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  1. July 29, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    I’m just so happy for you! You sound so much happier, I think I hear some hope in there too. Just so happy for you, this is the beginning of something awesome!

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