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You ARE what You EAT

fresh produce

That is a bold statement. The above pictures is also a clear picture of what we SHOULD eat.  But what do most North Americans eat??

BigMac 003

By looking at both of the photos, I know what I want to eat.  I would like to eat the French Fries. Why? Because as children (most of us) went to McD’s for dinner with the family or whatever meal.  Growing up, my family ate at McD’s.  It was mainly with my father and before we went to Beavers, Cubs or Scouts.  When I was a child my schools did not teach us about nutrition or eating well. They never discussed receiving the correct nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

I do believe in the statement “You are what you eat” because for the most part I ate Crap.  Into my teens I ate pizza, burgers, fries, chips, and pop.  In a nut shell either fried, high fat, or high sugar.  All the crap I ate made me bloated and ultimately overweight.  Although when I had incorporated more vegetables and FRESH foods (even if it was a chicken breast which was baked in the oven) I felt better. I found I had (and have) more energy to be active.

I made a pledge at the beginning of the year to avoid deep fry fast food chains.  I failed at it.  Although I would like to put this out there I pledge not to eat fast “crap” food.  If I am in a place such as that, because friends or family are eating there, I will try to encourage that we either go somewhere with TRUELY healthy alternatives. Or I will ask to be dropped some where else.  I do not need that in my body anymore!

If you would like to pledge to make healthy choice when out and not eat CRAP.  Feel free to comment and link back.  I will write a post on September first outlining how I did.

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  1. July 30, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Yay for not eating crap! I really think that revamping your kitchen and coming to the Farmer’s Market is going to be a big help. I really do feel so much better now that I’m eating local produce. We always spent about 65% of our grocery money on produce, but for some reason farmer’s market stuff is making it even better.

  2. July 31, 2010 at 1:17 am

    I’m there already so I will just cheer you on. It has worked for our family, I refuse to eat at McDonalds, Wendy’s etc. even their salads since I no longer wish to support any of it. For awhile we would stop at one of those places and then stop for me. Now it’s become a bother and hubbie comes to the pita places with me. I stuck to my guns and the rest followed. My daughter was a bit sad about no longer being bribed by a multi million dollar company to eat crap for a toy. But she got over it.

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