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My Numbers

I have to say for the most part I have been hiding behind my blog.  I have not gone out and posted a lot of pictures or commented on my weight.  I feel that this is the time.  Although I still want to hide, I AM ME and I have to love myself.  Today was my Fitness Test at my new gym.  I met with Mike and we discussed what I ate and how many calories I thought I should be eating.   He was surprised with how much I knew.  Thank you to all the bloggers for there information.  Thank you to Ellie for all our chats about food, why I am eating and how WE are working to be healthier.  Thank you to Kelly for taking me out to those dreaded stairs!

Ready blogosphere, I am letting you in.

My Numbers as of September 2nd 2010 at 5pm:

  • Weight: 211.5
  • Height 5’ 1.1”
  • Body Fat Percentage 40%
  • Fat in lbs: 84.8
  • Fat Free Mass 126.7 lbs
Neck 14.75”
Arm (Left) 15.25”
Arm (Right) 15.25”
Chest 47”
Waist 47”
Hips 47”
Upper Thigh (Left) 28.5”
Upper Thigh (Right) 29”
Calf (Left) 17.25”
Calf (Right) 17.75”

Based on these numbers I have decided I would like to lose up to 60lbs in 12months.  I have been informed by the gym I could do this in 6-8 months.  I am going to strive to lose 30lb in 3 months.  Anything more is awesome.

By January 1st 2011 I will be 181 lbs or less.

Please let me know what you all think?  Suggestions are WELCOME!!

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  1. September 2, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    As long as you’re losing the weight because you want to, because you want to be more healthy, and because it’s for you, then I’m 100% behind you. All I ask is that you remember that weight is not the best gauge of health.

    • LittleMiss
      September 2, 2010 at 8:31 pm

      I am. I am doing this because I want to. I can say 100% without a doubt this is one thing on my road to happy healthy Hayley. I am determined to work on this. This is one branch of my Healthy Life! I am so happy that you are behind me. I will need that support! (You know that)

      This post is more to not hide anymore. I need to share it all. I need to be me. If that means telling the world that I am a Medium Cupcake then I AM A MEDIUM CUPCAKE! I am working to shed the layers that I do not like so that I can BE that fearless beautiful woman you and others see. Because to be honest some days I do not see her and I want to, I want her back!

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