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Update! WLC

Better late than never…   I have been doing well in work so far.  Training is a still super slow.  Here is the updates for last week:

  • Eat BREAKFAST every day.  (5/5 Days: OATMEAL)
  • Take the stairs in the apartment. (3/5 Days – Knee has been sore)
  • Take a 30 minute walk each day (5/5 Days – Dexter is HAPPY)
  • No POP!! (I only had 1 cans last week Wooo Hooo)
  • Drink more water  (2Lts/day 5/5)
  • Do Yoga 30 minutes 3 times a week (Still No Yoga)
  • Limit Sugar intake (Yes)
  • Eat more fibre (In hopes to ease tummy issues) (Heck YES)
  • Pack a lunch everyday! (5/5)
  • Read a book in that time…  (Still working on EPL, almost done)
  • Workout 5 Days a week (4/5)

Enjoy the Little Things (Check) – Last weekend the girls and I made 60 500 ml jars of homemade tomato <insert item>  – Salsa, Whole Tomatoes, Soup, Ketchup.  So many Maters


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