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Tips to Meditate

From what I can read there is no “right” way to meditate.  There are suggested methods although they do not work for everyone.  I have wrote down some ideas/tips I could think of.  I will add any along the way. Or if you have some insight please do share it with us.

1. Find your Zen

Find as peaceful a place as you can. I side step to this is creating a Zen Zone.  If you know that the kids and hubby are going to come barreling in at 6pm, and you get home at 4:30pm then schedule your time.  Maybe the morning or right before bed would be best.  Try out some times.  Or if you are advantagous ask those who would distrube you to participate.  It may be a great experience for the family.   Do make sure to turn off the cell and walk away from your computer.  I would suggest putting everything on Silent!

2. Do it YOUR way.

With this simple form of meditation, there are no rules for your mind to worry over.  Why worry any more that we already do.

3. How Long?

When you are beginning, it is helpful to choose a regular time day, evening or whenever is best for you. A 15 minutes session can be a good start. To be aware of the time, you might like to set an alarm, or have a watch by you.


Wear comfortable clothing; make sure you are warm enough. You need to feel relaxed and safe. You might like to have a meditation blanket to feel cosy.

5. Breathe In Breathe Out

Pay attention to your breathing. Watch your breath as it enters your body, and again as it leaves. Experiment with this technique. Breathe in to a count of 4. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Breathe out to a count of 4. Hold for a count of 4. Repeat this at your own rhythm. This focus will also help clear your mind of other thoughts. After doing the counting, you might watch your breathing, allowing yourself to breathe more deeply than perhaps you do normally. Slow deep breaths will help you to relax and let go; to become more peaceful.

6. Important Thoughts

You may have thoughts on your mind that you need to remember.  Have a pad handy to write them down.  Also this will help clear some space in your mind and help to relax you.

You may receive insights that you wish to keep. A journal is a good place to record ideas, inspirations or guidance about a project you are working on. I find that if I do not write down these ideas, I will forget them, and they are often really useful to me.

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  1. September 14, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Thanks for this! My husband and I have been saying for awhile that we need to find a way to relax – life is incredibly stressful right now and we’re both really uptight. We were considering trying yoga, but neither of us has any balance or flexibility. Meditation might be a better answer for us.

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