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“Ohh but I don’t have time”

I would imagine that we have all either given this excuse or heard it throughout our lives. I had used it when it came to exercise. I do not have to workout or make my meals. I find this a cop out. Everyone will find an excuse NOT to do something. It is when you find the reason to do something is when you have changed. As you all know I found my “wanna” I no longer wanted to refer to my tummy as my food baby. Yes I had been feeding it for about 5 years. I know its time.

I was in the lunch room yesterday with some coworkers. One in particular threw out this excuse. I have been talking about my great time at the gym. She has told me that she has a membership to the same gym and is currently paying for a Personal Trainer. She bought 24 sessions and has barely used any. So I asked why? (As any of us would) She replied “I do not have the time” I thought to myself – How do you not have time. She works the same shift as I and does not have any additional responibilities as she does not have children or an second job. I was intrigued so I asked more questions. Do you live on your own? Her response “No, I live with my boyfriend and his parents”… “His mom is great she makes my meals and she does not let me clean” **Ding Ding – I think to myself so what do you do that is taking your time** I ask what do you do when you get home?? Her reply “I watch tv, and play games on Facebook. **I must state for the record I used to do the same** Although personally I have changed my priorities. I did not ask her anything more, I merely invited her to come should she find the time.

I just felt like getting this out. Do you ever have this conversations with friends?

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  1. September 21, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    It’s amazing how we prioritize or don’t prioritize ourselves! I was queen of the excuses, then I took @mizfitonline’s advice and did an excuse shirt and now it reminds me that I need to be number one!

    Good for you for realizing that excuses don’t get you healthy.

  2. September 22, 2010 at 10:03 am

    My excuse is always that I feel guilty leaving the dog at home alone if I go to the gym – and then I still have to take him for a walk when I get home anyway, making it about 7:30-8:00 before I can have supper.

    Kind of a valid excuse but I know I do have other options (like going to the gym in the morning, for example)!

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