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BYO Lunch

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I have many comments about the state of affairs of myself and others.  I work in Sales. It is a high pressure department.  Although I must say I thrive in this environment.  I do note that when some thrive in one aspect they fall short in another.  At work I see those pitfalls in others HUGE! 

We have little chats with our Marketing Dept. and they have snack and yak (chit chat yak) and they provide chips and pop.  We have vending machines full of garbage in the lunch room and our office is located right next to a food court in the main part of the mall that the building is attached with.  Many of my coworkers stuff their face with McDs, KFC, Taco Bell… need I go on? I see these traps and I AVIOD them like the plague.  I pack my lunch!  Want to see mine??


This is where my lunch magic starts… My nice clean kitchen counter (Aaron is home this week and did an AMAZING job cleaning)

003 So today for lunch I packed a pastrami sammie on my thins. I packed some carrots, apple, granola bar and my drinks.  This I would say is a much healthier lunch then the high fat sodium and sugar lunches I see others eat.  I am going to attempt to share more often.



What Healthy means to Me

October 27, 2010 5 comments

When I think of what it means to have a healthy food blog I take into consideration more than just the food stuffs that I consume.  I think of Fresh… A New Chapter, way to open up my way of thinking.
I started writing this blog as my new beginning.  I had closed the chapter of my life and was starting a new one and why not start it off Fresh.  The whole concept did not quite click in until much later.  As we do in our life go through transformations, so did my thought process and my blog.


Healthy Eating

First I felt that I needed to eat healthy and that would start the process.  I would like to state this is a great place to make changes and see them.  For example do you drink pop/soda?? I did.  I had restricted my pop intake and my skin was clearer, my attitude and sleep improved.  I share the wealth of healthy bloggers recipes that I have tried and my own.


Healthy Mind and Body


That leads to the second area that we need to work on, and this is a work in progress the mind and body.  I reached out to Rita a few months ago and that was the best and hardest thing I ever did.  I needed a total stranger to know my story.  I did not think that I would ever hear back, but to my surprise my biggest supporter lives a few thousand kilometers away!  Thank you Rita!


Healthy Spirit


Lastly my spirit and this is the area I will be sharing more with is in the weeks to come.  I feel spirituality comes from with in you as does your strength and your inner-ness.  My inner me was my worst friend for a long time.  Now that I have begun to share my adventure with the world my inner nay-sayer has gotten smaller.

I hope that you follow me on my journey to overall happiness and throughout the new chapter of my life.  I look forward to hearing about your healthy journey!! Feel free to send me a email or leave a tweet!!

Please check out Rita’s great site at Fitblogger!!!

Whats for dinner…

October 19, 2010 2 comments

I do apologize I am late sharing with you my favorite recipes but to be honest I am glad.  There are some many great ideas flying around with Project Food Buzz.  I do not know where to start but here:

Oh She Glows

Phew! Angela I am happy to know that you make it in, just in the nick of time.  Oh Angela.  That’s all I can say.  Angela over at Oh She Glows has out done herself.  I have two recipes of hers that I am featuring.  First is her Strawberry Oat Squares – WOW! These look delicious. I intend to make these this week.  Angela I too was a Strawberry Nutrigrain junkie. 


The second recipe of Angela’s that is AMAZING. I know because I made it for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream – This bread is beyond amazing.  My Aunt and I read Angela’s blog and subconsciously created many dishes for Thanksgiving from her blog.  Thank you Angela for the delicious dishes!!  There was also much chatter about the fact that my Meat Eating family members were eating Vegan dishes!  To their surprise!  *High Five for Sneaky cooking*

The Edible Perspective

Ashley has yet again made me drool on my desk. Ashley made Red Lentil with Rice Soup.  Does this not look DROOL WORTHY!!

(30 of 30)

I have to stop at the Bulk Barn this week and pick up some more lentils so that I can also indulge in this delightful soup.  Plus given that I have the flu soup is probably best.

Savvy Eats

Julie over at Savvy Eats has out done herself.  Fall/Autumn is by far my favourite season.  Julie has made Spicy Ginger Cookies.  I think these will be YUMMY!  Please try her cookies.!! I am going to make these over the week.


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All should read!!

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Chain Mail

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I think we have all felt like this at some point in our lives… I have been back to my Office job for 8 weeks now.  Working 50-55 hours a week has started to take a toll on my mind.  I wake up early, eat breakfast work a 11 hour shift and then come home and … try to relax.

Here are some of the things I have been doing to relax:

  • Read a Good Book – Right now I am still working to finish Eat Pray Love.  I promise I will finish it soon.
  • Listen to music – I have been making some playlists for the gym.  I am going to be posting a new playlist every 2 weeks.  Feel free to try it out…
  • Snuggle up with a good show
  • Pour a glass of Wine

What do you do to relax??

Sharing the love and the meals… Week 1

October 10, 2010 2 comments

With the Project Food Buzz on going.. and well the the great meals I am reading about I am planning to complie a list of those I like… Bring the credit back to the Blogger and help spread the love.  Each week I will share my top meals/recipes for the week.  I will do my best to recreate and blog on those meals.  So here we go": All the photos are from the blogs and have direct links back to the blogs.

Edible Perspective

I have recently been following Ashley’s blog Edible Perspective for around a month now.  I can not remember how or who I link to her blog from although the meals she makes are divine.  This past week in my reader a great combination of my two loves – Chili and Squash.  Ashley combined both and made: Acorn Squash Chili

(35 of 44)

Callieflower Kitchen

Callieflower Kitchen has been a long time go to in my reader… I literally stumble upon her blog in June this year. I love the pictures. It is nice to see a blogger who is blogging amazing meals, going to school and apart of the Project Food Buzz. **Woo Hoo Go Callie** Speaking of PFB, Callie had a delicious post. She made her OWN Perogies‘.  I intend to make this in the coming weeks… Aaron and I love, love, love perogies!!


Espresso and Cream

Madison at Espresso and Cream is what my friends and I would call food obsession.  Madison has featured MANY yummy recipes.  She would most likely be a regular in this series.  There are many recipes I will share of hers… This one in particular is all that I love.  Healthy Banana bread!! Her Banana Bread is Whole Wheat with Flax seed.  I do not see grains wise you getting much better than that.  I have the bananas already for this.  I think I might make this tomorrow morning for the week!!

Well there are many more recipes that I will share.  I would like to make all 3 this weeks so I am not going to crazy on the list of recipes.  I hope you all enjoy the recipes I have shared out with you all and go visit these ladies blogs!



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Turkey Dinner #1

October 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I have started the holiday rounds. First stop is with my father and his family.  Our day started off slow.  We had a relaxing morning.  I do wonder if holidays cause people to become stupid while driving.  There was a pretty bad car crash on our way.  I think everyone was ok, just a lot of phyical damage to the vehicles.

We took Dexter with us and had a great drive (after we passed the wreck).  It was a short drive over to Mississauga which is about 20 minutes away.

Aaron and I relaxed in the backyard with Dexter.  They had some awesome hour d’ourves and some Rose.  It was nice to sip wine and chat with my Grandma.  I must say Dawn (my Dad’s wife’s sister) has a beautiful backyard.


We had a lovely dinner.  Turkey with homemade stuffing.  It was all to yummy I forgot to snap some pictures.   We listened to my cousin also play a number on his Saxophone after dinner.  He did a great job.IMG_0097

We have Aarons families dinner tomorrow… I will try and snap some more pictures!



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