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BYO Lunch

I have many comments about the state of affairs of myself and others.  I work in Sales. It is a high pressure department.  Although I must say I thrive in this environment.  I do note that when some thrive in one aspect they fall short in another.  At work I see those pitfalls in others HUGE! 

We have little chats with our Marketing Dept. and they have snack and yak (chit chat yak) and they provide chips and pop.  We have vending machines full of garbage in the lunch room and our office is located right next to a food court in the main part of the mall that the building is attached with.  Many of my coworkers stuff their face with McDs, KFC, Taco Bell… need I go on? I see these traps and I AVIOD them like the plague.  I pack my lunch!  Want to see mine??


This is where my lunch magic starts… My nice clean kitchen counter (Aaron is home this week and did an AMAZING job cleaning)

003 So today for lunch I packed a pastrami sammie on my thins. I packed some carrots, apple, granola bar and my drinks.  This I would say is a much healthier lunch then the high fat sodium and sugar lunches I see others eat.  I am going to attempt to share more often.


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