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What the stars say…

According to my horsescope today… I am a Scorpio

You may be desperate to start something new but the planets warn you should wait a bit more time before you begin.  The new moon at the weekend will be your signal to begin. Start then and you just cannot lose.

What is my plan that I am so desperate according to my horoscope to start is…  I have been talking a lot about having a healthy spirit.  I have truely been considering exploring Paganism.  I have been intrigued by Paganism for many years now, although I never had anyone activly in my life who was a Pagan.  My best friend Ellie_Di invited me to Samhain.  We had a wonderful evening and some delicious foods.

I just recently finished a book she gave me on Wicca.  I am happy to have finished it.  I am looking right now at all aspects of my life and seeing if a deity is particularly alligned or benifical.  We shall see…

I am currently think about Brighid


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