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Are You Still on Track in 2011?

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

45% of people who set goals for the new year fail before the end of January! And guess what? Today is the first day of February.

I decided that I was not going to make resolutions just goals… Here is an update on how mine go…

  1. Train and Run a 5K – ON HOLD – Being sick since before Jan 1 with the Flu and Pneumonia… I am just feeling up to going back to the gym
  2. Do more Yoga – ON HOLD (see above)
  3. Reduce my sugar consumption – Work in progress and going well I have cut all pop out since Jan 1 and its not bad at all.  I do get sick of water but hopefully I will get over it…
  4. Read 12 books (Ideally 1/month) – Have not started this yet…
  5. Knit & Spin Yarn (for those who are not sure I have a second blog where I discuss my craftiness over at Adventures with Little Miss) – Work in Progress
  6. Become a Wine Connoisseur – I have enjoyed many glasses although I have not made it to the library yet to read up
  7. Blog More! – Lately Yes
  8. Cook from my cook books.  I have SO many cook books which have delicious and healthy meal that I have never even cracked open.  Also within this goal I would like to try new foods as well.  – I have made some great meals… Posts to come
  9. To stop worrying what others think and to own everything I do – This is a work in progress
  10. Build a budget and pay down my debt.  (Also save 10% of my income) – Budget built, put in motion starting today!
  11. Plan & Organize so that I can accomplish all the above goals – Check Check and Check

How are your Resolutions or Goals coming along??



BYO Lunch

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I have many comments about the state of affairs of myself and others.  I work in Sales. It is a high pressure department.  Although I must say I thrive in this environment.  I do note that when some thrive in one aspect they fall short in another.  At work I see those pitfalls in others HUGE! 

We have little chats with our Marketing Dept. and they have snack and yak (chit chat yak) and they provide chips and pop.  We have vending machines full of garbage in the lunch room and our office is located right next to a food court in the main part of the mall that the building is attached with.  Many of my coworkers stuff their face with McDs, KFC, Taco Bell… need I go on? I see these traps and I AVIOD them like the plague.  I pack my lunch!  Want to see mine??


This is where my lunch magic starts… My nice clean kitchen counter (Aaron is home this week and did an AMAZING job cleaning)

003 So today for lunch I packed a pastrami sammie on my thins. I packed some carrots, apple, granola bar and my drinks.  This I would say is a much healthier lunch then the high fat sodium and sugar lunches I see others eat.  I am going to attempt to share more often.


Turkey Dinner #1

October 9, 2010 Leave a comment

I have started the holiday rounds. First stop is with my father and his family.  Our day started off slow.  We had a relaxing morning.  I do wonder if holidays cause people to become stupid while driving.  There was a pretty bad car crash on our way.  I think everyone was ok, just a lot of phyical damage to the vehicles.

We took Dexter with us and had a great drive (after we passed the wreck).  It was a short drive over to Mississauga which is about 20 minutes away.

Aaron and I relaxed in the backyard with Dexter.  They had some awesome hour d’ourves and some Rose.  It was nice to sip wine and chat with my Grandma.  I must say Dawn (my Dad’s wife’s sister) has a beautiful backyard.


We had a lovely dinner.  Turkey with homemade stuffing.  It was all to yummy I forgot to snap some pictures.   We listened to my cousin also play a number on his Saxophone after dinner.  He did a great job.IMG_0097

We have Aarons families dinner tomorrow… I will try and snap some more pictures!



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Hayley, I am Sorry…

October 1, 2010 2 comments

I have to say I am sorry for being MIA for the past little while.  We have had some big stressors going on at home and in my life.

We live in an apartment building and I recently found out that other apartments in the build on the other side and on different floors have some unwanted visitors.  This is hard for me to say because I feel there is a such a negative stigma but I am going to share.  2 Apartments on the 3rd and 4th floor have bed bugs.   From what I have read and been told (as I can not look at those website without beginning to have an anxiety attack) is that this is very common right now across North America.  None the less I feel uncomfortable in my home. 

My landlord has informed us that we do not have them. Which has eased my mind slightly although I still worry.  That’s what I do.  I have not been posting because I have been home very little. 

Also, this week (Wednesday) I had a Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy which was a HORRIBLE experience.  The doctors are still trying to figure out what causes the horrid pain I have every so often and why I have to go to the bathroom so frequently. I have to Thank Ellie for being there for me and for making me soup when she brought me home!!

Yet I am feeling a bit better, and I am looking forward to sharing more of my successes…

I have been going to the gym regularly as well… more on that to come!

This is an apology to myself for letting my demons get the best of me.  I am a clean and healthy happy person.  For a couple weeks I did not feel that way.  From time to time you may see more of these posts.  Its a way for me to address my inner concerns and get to the root of my problem.

How do you cope with stressors? Do you keep a journal?? Are you willing to share your weakness??

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Cabbagetown Festival

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment

We met up with Dad and Vic and wondered up the street.  We had some Samosa’s (sorry forgot to take pic).  Although I can ensure you it was YUMMY!

003 004 005

We stopped at the Pear Tree for Lunch.  We had some appies and Eggs Bennie!! It was so yummy.  Again tummy won over camera!


Aaron enjoyed a Guinness…


After we ate. We headed to the Arts and Crafts show that was going on in relation to the festival in Riverdale Park.  It was a great place.  Many awesome crafters.  I might have to focus on some knitting and crafting soon.

There is Aaron hanging out as we wait for Dad and Vic to catch up.


What a way to spend a Sunday!

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Off to a Festival

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment


10:30am wake up was wonderful.  I have not been getting enough sleep lately so I was happy to have slept!  Last night was a friends birthday so its a fun morning.  Head is hurting a bit.  Although Aaron (Mr. Man) and I are heading into Toronto to meet up with my Father.  We are heading to the Cabbagetown Festival.  I am looking forward to a fun few hours out and about.

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A time to reflect

September 11, 2010 1 comment

To my generation we will always remember where we were when the Twin Towers fell.  I was in history class.  Ironic?

I would like to extend my warm wishes to those and their families who were impacted by that day.

Tonight I lit some candles to pay my respect.  Wishing you all warm thoughts tonight.

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