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Returning to Cook. Write. Garden. Repeat.

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi guys!  I have missed my food and healthy living blog. I have all these great recipes and photos to share with you that have been building up over the last three months. Plus I am planning a new garden which will debut in the spring! Actually lots of garden plans are in the works.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

Vegetable Gardening for Small Spaces I have been reading many blogs and books and I’ll share with you some of the specifics of using the space you have to grow vegetables and herbs.

Worm Composting Kitchen Scraps Why worms make sense for folks living in apartments or condos.

Quick Wholesome Meals: Recipes that come together in 30 minutes that are tasty, mindful of your body and your pocket books.

Canning and Preserving I really enjoyed it last year and I will be planning my year out.  When and How will be the big ones shared and recipes!

Ideas for Nourishing Packable Snacks and Lunches I have a full time job and I’ll reveal to you what I bring to work for breakfast, lunch and snacks that are easy, wholesome and healthy.

Foraging for Wild Fruit, Fungus and Fronds As we head into spring it’ll be time to gather fern fronds, wild onions, ramps and wild berries.  I look forward to some great Hikes too…

Well, I think that should keep me plenty busy.

By the way, what do you think of my new blog design? I’m still working on the heading. If you notice anything that isn’t working or confusing let me know.


Spew of Creative Thought

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Good Morning (or Good Night for those who have not hit the hay yet – like me)

One of my main goals for 2011 is to be Happy!! I bet you did not know that I love photography.  I learned this love from my dear mother!! (Thanks Mom)  Mr’s sister is an artist and she has been drawing everyday in her doodle book for over a month now, so I felt I could do something similar!! In the light of projects for 2011 I have decided to partake in Project 365.  I will be posting them to my new Tumblr account, instead of here… I think it would be TOO many photos and not my focus of this blog.

I do promise to share some of my favourite shots on a weekly or monthly basis.  Also feel free to challenge me to a week of a certain theme!!

Running with Goals!

DSC00351(Ready Set Get RUNNING)

So I was reading some of my avid motivators posts in my Google Reader… and I was OhSheGlows (OSG) recent post on Goal Setting. She has written a list of about 10 goals and is dedicating to try to accomplish those this week. 

Also I do follow some on Twitter and OSG tweeted earlier about a specific race in Toronto.  The Scotia Bank Marathon which many runners participate in.  Well I looked up the run and they have a 5K.  It is about 11 Weeks away, and the C25K plan *which I have been slacking to start* is only 9 weeks.  So here are some of my goals, Thank You OhSheGlows for the motivation.

Goals for this Week:

  1. START RUNNING and Finish Week 1 of my Running Plan
  2. Experiment with my Overnight Oats
  3. Make a new vegetarian meal
  4. Pack my lunch and SNACKS! Everyday this week
  5. Instead of surfing the web, try a new activity
  6. Enjoy the little things!
  7. Get in some Yoga this week

I hope these small achivable goals will help in the motivation to get off my butt…

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Not New to the Blog-osphere

December 5, 2009 1 comment

Well I am not a newbie blogger anymore.  I have decided that since I have started a new chapter in my life that I should start a new blog.

I intend to blog… most of the time… when I feel I have something I want to get out there.  I will be blogging on all things (I get these crazy whims and well I will share. Alot.)

Mainly this will be about ME and mine… I love to cook, I love geography and smart stuff.  You will learn more about me as I go.  I will blog about everything so enjoy…

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