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Running with Goals!

DSC00351(Ready Set Get RUNNING)

So I was reading some of my avid motivators posts in my Google Reader… and I was OhSheGlows (OSG) recent post on Goal Setting. She has written a list of about 10 goals and is dedicating to try to accomplish those this week. 

Also I do follow some on Twitter and OSG tweeted earlier about a specific race in Toronto.  The Scotia Bank Marathon which many runners participate in.  Well I looked up the run and they have a 5K.  It is about 11 Weeks away, and the C25K plan *which I have been slacking to start* is only 9 weeks.  So here are some of my goals, Thank You OhSheGlows for the motivation.

Goals for this Week:

  1. START RUNNING and Finish Week 1 of my Running Plan
  2. Experiment with my Overnight Oats
  3. Make a new vegetarian meal
  4. Pack my lunch and SNACKS! Everyday this week
  5. Instead of surfing the web, try a new activity
  6. Enjoy the little things!
  7. Get in some Yoga this week

I hope these small achivable goals will help in the motivation to get off my butt…

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